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Thursday, February 17, 2005

"Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be.
-Kurt Vonnegut-

Note: This web blog will still be accessible. Nonetheless, it will no longer be updated & moderated. It will be kept in its present state as archival material for a period of time.
Any inconvenient is greatly regretted

kind regards,

Updated (24.07.2007):

Workshop - Data Analysis & Research Format
A workshop on data analysis & research format will be held on 11 Aug 2007. Kindly refer to Mr Izzad for further info. Attendance is compulsory

Newly Appointed Lecturer-in-Charge for MKT660
Mr Syed Izzaddin Syed Jaafar is now the lecturer-in-charge for MKT660, effective from 1 July 2007. Any inquiry on relevant matters should be directed to him. Contact no: 07-9352241, syedi149@johor.uitm.edu.my

Submission of Research Proposal
Please be informed on the due date of research proposal. All proposal should be submitted to the respective advisor by the 25 July 2007 (wed)

MKT660 Project Flow - Schedule of Jul-Nov2007
For the new batch of industrial attachment students, kindly be informed on those important dates of MKT660. For further info, do click here..

Update urself to this weblog info
Kindly spare few minutes of your time to register ur email address to this weblog. Simply enter ur email address and click at d 'register' button. 

Industrial Attachment (Sem Jul-Nov2007)
Please take note that the resume date for industrial attachment (sem Jul-Nov2007) is on the 4thJune2006. Detail schedule will be out soon

Practical Training Student (sem Jul-Nov2007)
Kindly meet your advisor before you go for your sem break. Do make arrangment on the meeting mode and topic that you'll be doing. 



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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Are you a student or an ex-student of BBA Marketing UiTM Johor?
Please feel free to include your name and contact number in our database. it'll take u less than a minute.
Note: simply click at d icon (Add record) and start to update your details. TQ
To update profile - click here!


Updated (10/01/06):
                                     PROGRAM TUNAS MEKAR
Adalah sebuah program yang dicadangkan oleh UiTM kepada YAB Perdana Menteri berkaitan dgn usaha usaha melahirkan perusahaan dan usahawan dalam industri desa Bumiputera yang competitif. Projek ini berlatarbelakangkan konsep mento-mente yg akan mewujudkan hubungan antara industri dan para graduan. KEPADA GRADUAN-GRADUAN UITM TERUTAMANYA BEKAS BELAJAR UITM JOHOR JURUSAN (BBA-MARKETING) YANG MASIH BELUM BEKERJA DIALU-ALUKAN UNTUK MENYERTAI PROGRAM INI.
Untuk maklumat lanjut sila hubungi Cik Zanariah Abd Rahman atau sila layari:

 http://www3.uitm.edu.my/hep/tunasmekar/index.htm    untuk mendapatkan borang dsbnya.



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Industrial Attachement - Places To Look for

Lecturer in-charge: Cik Faizah Md Sohid

Contact No:            07-9352248
email Address:   faiza746@johor.uitm.edu.my 

Updated (26/11/06):

Newly Appointed Lecturer in-charge
Kindly be informed that Cik Faizah is taking over Pn Rohana post as a lecturer in-charge (for the industrial attachment) starting from the
1 August 2006 

Evaluation Form For The Supervisor
Those who have problem with d evaluation form for d supervisor, kindly d/load frm here. Just click here..

1. New batch of practicum students can seek for companies' name and contact numbers thru d  link (files on industrial attachment)


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Sunday, February 27, 2005


Course Instructor:   Syed Izzaddin Syed Jaafar
Contact No:   07-9352141/012-2735248

eMail add:   syedi149@johor.uitm.edu.my

 Updated (11/17/07):

Sample of Proposal
Sample of proposal for MKT660
kindly click here

Sample of Report - MKT660
Sample of complete report on MKT660 is now available.
click and d/load d file


-With new policy, saturday as a non-working day for d civil-servant, practical training students are advised to make necessary arrangement with advisor for their consultation.

Online Resources - To access various types of journal (e.g. journal of marketing, consumer research etc), feel free to visit :

(Note: certain online resources can only be accessed via UiTM server)

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Monday, May 09, 2005

FORUM - click here


Let's join d FORUM - free of charge....just click & click... 
A place to share ur ideas, questions, experience etc. Dun hesitate to drop  few lines here.
Njoy ur stay!

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

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